Steps to Becoming a Certified Doula

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Mid Island Baby & Kids Market and Doulas!

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Doulas are the Good Gravy & I Wish They Were Free!! by Serena Oliveira (doula)

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Don't let fees keep you from having the birth experience you and your baby deserve!
Research shows that doula care improves birth outcomes.

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How much do doulas cost?
Fees for Doula services on the North Island range between $600 and $1000 depending on experience, certifications, or unique expertise/services included. Most Doulas work on a sliding scale or will negotiate payment plans. Some "certifying" doulas may offer low-cost options in exchange for evaluations. It is worth having a conversation with a few of us before you decide.

*A Birth Doula package may include:
- A free introductory information session
- 2 prenatal and 2 postnatal visits
- Attendance/support during entire home or hospital birth

* A Postpartum doula provides support after your baby is born. Average rates are $25-35 per hour, with some doulas offering special rates for overnight care. The service is customized to your specific needs. This makes a great gift for a new mom!

"When choosing a Doula, the right personality match can be more important than any other factor so we encourage you to interview a few of us before making your decision."

Do my medical benefits cover doula fees?
*Some extended medical plans will cover certified doula care. Inquire with your plan.

*If you (or your partner) self identify as Aboriginal, there may be resources available to help pay for doula care. See BCAAFC and First Nations Health Authority Grant for information and contact BCAAFC doula program

For all other individual quotes/fees, please contact your choice of Doulas from the list below.
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*PS: We agree! Doula care should be covered under BC medical or medical benefits packages! To help this happen, we need more people to write to our MLAs and Benefits Providers to let them know the difference this service can make to mothers', babies', and families' wellbeing.

Our Doulas

Name: Leah Taylor
Phone Number: 250-218-3796 |
About Me:

Coordinator of Comox Valley Doulas Collective

* DONA Certified doula CD(DONA), MA
* Mother of two phenomenal people (both premature births)
* Over 11 years' experience providing evidence-based compassionate doula care in home and hospital environments.
* Experienced in supporting mothers through planned/urgent Cesarean birth, VBAC, teen births, twins, high-risk or premature labour/birth
* Excellent professional connections with local midwives/physicians, public health and hospital staff.
* A mentor/educator on evidence-based perinatal research; member of perinatal advisory committees
* Trained in breastfeeding and respectful, non-judgmental newborn care

"Media has taught women to fear birth; but the truth is that pregnancy and childbirth can be the most powerful, empowering and miraculous experiences in a woman's life. It's an honour to be able to provide women and their birthing partners with quality information, skilled support and competent, compassionate care so your birthing experience is a positive experience for all."

Name: Serena Oliveira
Phone Number: 250 465 2367 |
About Me:

* Completed my Wise Woman Way of Birth Doula Certification with Gloria Lemay in 2009
* Experienced in providing holistic nurturing care and advocacy for home, hospital, cesarean and VBAC births
* Comfortable and experienced supporting families of various backgrounds and walks of life, including LBGTQ and young families
* Provider of comprehensive breastfeeding support and postpartum care
* Seasoned at offering informed consent, choice and up to date evidence-based education for the childbearing year (conception, pregnancy, birth & postpartum)
* Mother of 2 wildly-willed boys, both born at home in the Comox Valley

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"On the other side of fear, there is freedom. Freedom is felt in the embrace of your power."

Name: Christine Pritchard
Phone Number: 250-248-7658 | Email:
About Me:

* DONA trained birth doula(working towards certification)
* Mother of three daughters(hospital births with a midwife)
* Offering low cost/no cost birth while working on certification

"Pregnancy and childbirth can be one of the most wonderful yet frightening times in a woman's life. With a calm, quiet demeanour, I provide mothers, their partners and families with reassurance through this time. I'll help make the wonderful more wonderful and the frightening a little easier to cope with."

Name: Janis Elliott
Phone Number: 1-204-510-7954 |
About Me:

* DONA Certified Birth Doula CD(DONA) and caregiver with a myriad of experience based on a foundation of empathy, compassion and trust.
* My own three births defined my practice and prepared me for any contingency.
* 20 years experience as a Registered Massage Therapist (including prenatal massage)
* Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Certification
* Focused on pre and postnatal health, utilizing the strength of a woman’s body and ensuring proper nutrition throughout life for both mother and baby.
* Urban Sage RMT/Doula

"I firmly believe that calm, knowledgeable guidance can leverage the immense, intrinsic power of a mother to make the birth experience the most beautiful and fulfilling experience of one’s life."

Name: Kerry Collier
Phone Number: 250 337-8700 |
About Me:


* DONA Certified Birth Doula CD(DONA) * Mother of 4 grown children and Grandmother of 5
* Experience with teen birth, cesarean birth, and VBAC
* Cultural Competency Training Certificate for supporting Indigenous women
* Excellent communicator and enjoy working as a team
* I live in Black Creek and serve Courtenay and Campbell River
* Certified/experienced in supporting First Nations mothers, funded through the B.C. Association of Friendship Centers, for Aboriginal women(when funding available)
Find me on facebook:

"I love the miracle of childbirth and how unique each birth is. I like to empower women and their partners to have the most positive birth experience they can have. I bring a strong, calm presence to birth as well as my flexibility. Included in my service is a written photographic documentation of your birth."

Name: Jody Richards
Phone Number: 778-992-0123 |
About Me:

* Experienced Birth Doula, DONA trained since 2000; Prodoula certified (2016)
* Postpartum and infant care Doula, certified with Prodoula
* First Aid and CPR certified
* Live in Black Creek, for a quick commute to either Campbell River or Courtenay
* Experience with VBAC, Cesarean birth, epidurals and homebirths.

"I feel passionate about how I can provide non-judgmental support to families during this monumental time, from pregnancy to the postpartum period. My life experience has given me the skill of being able to relate to people at their most vulnerable, while attuning to what they need, making them feel deeply nurtured and safe. My best tool I bring is a warm, gentle and calming presence. When I am not being a doula I am spending time being a mom to my daughter and I'm also a fabric artist. My other roles allow for a flexible schedule for being a doula."

Name: Pamela Tessmann
Phone Number: 250-650-6655 |
About Me:

* DONA Certified Birth Doula, CD(DONA) * Mother of 2 wild boys - 1 hospital birth, 1 home birth * Early Childhood Educator since 2002 with extensive experience supporting and guiding families of young children according to their needs. Currently a StrongStart Program facilitator. * Knowledgeable in current resources and information pertaining to conception, pregnancy, birth, the early postpartum weeks, and breastfeeding. * Experience supporting mothers and their partners in both hospital and home settings. * Open and welcoming to all expectant parents, including LGBTQ and teens.

"Birth is a powerful, life-changing event in your life. I am in awe of women's strength and natural birthing instincts during labour and birth. My goals as your doula are to help you and your birth partner tap into your strengths, to nurture you, to encourage you, and to help you achieve your most desired and positive birth experience possible; leaving you feeling supported, listened to, empowered and divine."

Find me on Facebook: Pamela Tessman Doula
My Website: